Custom Facial


Custom Facial

At Lincoln Park Aesthetics addressing all of your basic skin care needs is a necessity. Our Licensed estheticians will choose the appropriate medical-grade skin care products for your facial treatment. We specialize in concerns ranging from aging, environmental damage, acne, to dull and dry complexions.

Since each individual has unique needs our estheticians perform an analysis of your skin and take into account your lifestyle and diet to determine exactly which one of our many medical grades facial products and procedures are appropriate.

During your initial appointment and consultation with your licensed skincare professional, he or she will evaluate the skin you wish to have treated. You will discuss the options that may work best for your needs and preferences. This will also be a good time for you to ask any questions you may have about the options available.  Your esthetician will provide you with directions for skincare and treatment in the weeks to come.  Based on your goals, physical characteristics, and the esthetician’s training and experience, you skincare professional will make recommendations for you including:

  • An approach to your treatment, including the type of products or combination of devices and products to be used and the number of treatments anticipated
  • The outcomes that you can anticipate
  • Associated risks and complications
  • Treatment location options
  • What you can expect to experience after treatment


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