Yes, You Can Do Something About That Cellulite

What does a NuEra tight treatment plan consist of, Who is likely to have cellulite, You Can Do Something About That Cellulite

Are you frustrated with areas of cellulite on your body?  

At Lincoln Park Aesthetics, Dr. Karol Gutowski and his team can improve the appearance of cellulite with the modern, non-surgical NuEra™ tight procedure.

Just a few treatments typically result in skin that feels smoother and looks less dimpled and rough. Let’s take a look at what causes cellulite and how we can help.

Who is likely to have cellulite?

Even if you aren't overweight, you still have a layer of fat cells beneath the surface of your skin. Sometimes the fat can adhere to the skin above it, causing a small dimple. This is what is known as cellulite.

Women are much more likely to have cellulite than men, because women's bodies naturally store fat in the areas most likely to develop cellulite (the thighs, hips and buttocks). However, cellulite can appear anywhere on the body.

Cellulite is often attributed to:

How does NuEra tight work on cellulite?

NuEra tight is similar to a laser. However, it uses radiofrequency waves instead of pulses of concentrated light. The radiofrequency waves gently heat the skin’s surface and penetrate gently into the deeper tissue.

This process breaks up adhesion between fat cells and skin cells, and encourages collagen production to fill in the dimples. The heat level is precisely controlled, so you won't feel anything more than a warm, tingling sensation.  

Is NuEra tight safe?

NuEra tight has been specifically approved by the FDA to treat cellulite on the lower body (abdomen, lower back, buttocks, flanks, and inner and outer thighs) and the upper body (upper arms and bra line). It can also be used to treat facial wrinkles and tighten skin around the neck.  

What does a NuEra tight treatment plan consist of?

A single treatment takes about 10-25 minutes. There's no recovery time, so you can go right back to your day!

The number of treatments needed will depend on the level of cellulite and how much bonding there is between your skin and the underlying fat cells. Dr. Gutowski will consult with you to create a treatment plan that will get optimal results.

NuEra tight can ease the self-consciousness caused by cellulite and give you the smooth skin you deserve. Schedule a consultation by calling Lincoln Park Aesthetics at 618-224-3347 today.

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