Understanding Laser Tattoo Removal

When tattoos really started gaining in popularity in the 90s and early 2000s, it seemed like everybody wanted one. Many of these same individuals regretted getting them years later. Having them removed during those years involved a very complex, uncomfortable process. The hassle of having tattoos removed has decreased significantly since then, and so have the techniques. The improvements in laser tattoo removal technology have made this possible.

How Lasers Remove Tattoos

In order to understand how lasers work so well to remove tattoos, you need to understand a little bit about color and light. It’s well-known that wearing a black t-shirt during the hot summer months is not the best idea. This is because darker colors absorb more sunlight and heat than lighter colors. A white t-shirt will absorb less sunlight and heat and keep you cooler.

Whether you have fair or dark skin, the pigment used for tattoos will always be darker. The skin containing these pigments will absorb the heat from the laser much more than the areas of the skin without the pigment. As the pigment absorbs this high level of heat, it breaks up into microscopic pieces, which are absorbed by the skin. This has a diminishing effect on the appearance of the tattoo.

The Tattoo Removal Process

We ask all of our patients desiring tattoo removal to come in for a consultation before anything is done. This is imperative because our professionals need to examine the skin and the kind of tattoo before deciding how to treat it. The color of pigment and the patient’s skin type are some of the determining factors.

Q-switched lasers are the kinds of lasers used for the removal of tattoos. These lasers emit high levels of laser energy in very short pulses that last for no longer than a billionth of a second. Q-switched laser beams make very little contact with the surrounding skin and cause the least side effects associated with laser treatments.

It will usually take more than one treatment session to remove a tattoo, although this isn’t written in stone. The idea is to remove the tattoo with as few treatments as possible while also avoiding causing side effects. With each treatment, the appearance of the tattoo should become harder to see.

If you have an unwanted tattoo, you don’t need to live with regret any longer. Start the tattoo removal treatment process by scheduling a consultation with our team at Lincoln Park Aesthetics in Chicago, IL. Contact our office today to book an appointment for laser tattoo removal.

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