Turn Back the Clock on Wrinkled Skin With a Chemical Peel

You’ve probably heard the adage that age is only a number. But when it comes to your skin, age often comes in the form of wrinkled skin. A lifetime of exposure to the elements and airborne pollutants can lead to premature fine lines, dry skin, and discoloration. The worst part? No matter how good your skincare routine is, skin products alone can’t treat these issues.

At Lincoln Park Aesthetics, located in the historic Armitage-Halsted District of Chicago, Illinois, we understand your skin concerns and want to help. Karol Gutowski, MD, FACS, is a nationally recognized, board-certified plastic surgeon with a reputation for excellence. Dr. Gutowski and our caring team can help you look young again with chemical peels. These non-invasive treatments will help you turn back the clock on your wrinkled skin.

What exactly is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are skin treatments performed by a licensed aesthetician. Through the use of chemical solutions, chemical peels resurface your skin by creating a controlled wound.

These controlled wounds trigger your body's natural healing response by increasing collagen production in the treatment areas. Collagen is a naturally-occurring protein made by the body that’s crucial for keeping your skin looking young, firm, and smooth. 

As the chemicals react on your skin, they exfoliate the top layer causing it to eventually peel off leaving room for new, smoother skin to grow.   

What are the different types of peels?

At Lincoln Park Aesthetics, we offer a variety of chemical peels to address different skin types and concerns. Dr. Gutowski and our team will help you select the right type of peel depending on your skin’s condition and the results you’re hoping to achieve.

Chemical peel treatments fall into one of three basic types, and each type has different effects and different time required to heal. Here is a quick overview of how each type works:

Superficial peels

Superficial peels use a milder acid and generally work best on mild discoloration. Patients can expect mild redness, which usually goes away within a day.

Medium-level peels

Medium-level peels penetrate the outer and middle layers of skin to lessen the appearance of imperfections, such as age spots and wrinkles. This type of peel requires up to five days of downtime. 

Deep peels

Deep chemical peels remove damaged skin cells. How? They penetrate into the middle layers of your skin. Keep in mind, these treatments require bandaging and at-home downtime for up to two weeks.

What are the results?

Chemical peels effectively reduce the superficial signs of again. Their primary purpose is to remove old skin and let younger, firmer skin take the spotlight. They can help improve the appearance of age-related conditions like:

Since chemical peels work on the skin from the outside, they’re designed for surface issues, like the ones listed above. If you have deeper wrinkles or sagging skin, we may recommend extra treatments, like injectables. For example, BOTOX®  or dermal fillers, like Bellafill®.

How do I get started?

Chemical peels should only be performed by trained aestheticians to ensure your skin looks great and isn’t damaged. At Lincoln Park Aesthetics, you’ll receive a skin analysis from a skilled aesthetician to help determine which level of peel is best for your unique skin. 

During treatment, your clinician will cleanse your skin and apply a high-quality, clinically tested chemical formula. Once the treatment is complete, the peel is removed and the products designed to help your skin heal are applied. 

Peels generally take 30-60 minutes. You’ll be able to go home the same day. If you’ve had a deep peel, you’ll need to wear a bandage after treatment.

Turn back the clock today!

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