Treating Dynamic Wrinkles with BOTO

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BOTOX® is currently one of the most popular and trusted cosmetic procedures on the market. This powerful, FDA-approved solution can erase fine lines and wrinkles across the visage. Best of all, people who use this injectable to resolve their age-related cosmetic concerns can avoid invasive and high-risk procedures that involve both incisions and tissue removal. With absolutely no downtime and no aftercare, BOTOX® is making it easier than ever before to maintain a youthful and line-free appearance.

What Dynamic Wrinkles Are and How BOTOX® Can Help

Fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes are usually the result of tension that has built up in the expressive facial muscles. These are the muscles that are used to form facial expressions and thus, they flex and contract each time you smile, frown or convey any other emotion with your face. Commonly referred to as dynamic wrinkles, these creases can make you look significantly older than you actually are.

BOTOX® has the ability to relax dynamic wrinkles by releasing tension in the expressive muscles. It does this by temporarily blocking nerve signals to these muscles. This causes the surface skin to smooth out for a far more youthful look overall. The results of these treatments last approximately three to four months, and treatments can be safely repeated several times per year for ongoing benefits.

Why Choose BOTOX®?

There are countless advantages that BOTOX® can provide when used as an anti-aging treatment. With no cutting or tissue removal required, this FDA-approved treatment is almost entirely risk-free. Best of all, unlike surgical measures for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, BOTOX® does not require any special aftercare, nor does it entail an extended recovery time.

Getting the Injections

Many people have discovered that BOTOX® injections are simple and easy enough to have performed on their lunch breaks. There is no downtime and no serious or significant after-effects. Once the targeted areas have been identified, the injections will be made across your face according to your treatment goals.

What to Expect After Treatment

After your treatment, you will be free to go and can resume your normal activities right away. While BOTOX® can produce immediate improvements in dynamic facial wrinkling, the full effects of this treatment usually take between two and five days to manifest.

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