Tattoo Removal: Stop Living with Regret

woman with tattoo on neck

In our younger years it can seem like a good idea to get tattoos. If our friends are doing it, or if we’re the rebellious one in the group, or if it’s simply the “in” thing to do, we can end up with ink. Years later those tattoos may not be quite as desirable. There can be many reasons for this. A spur-of-the-moment tattoo, an inappropriate tattoo you don’t want your kids seeing, or a visible tattoo that may be holding you back in your career. Regardless of the reason, Lincoln Park Aesthetics offers a way out through laser tattoo removal. This treatment can prove all those people wrong who warned you that tattoos are permanent.

Going Under the Laser

The procedure begins when a member of our team numbs the area of skin being lasered with an anesthetic agent. This is to help you more easily handle the impact the laser will have on your skin. Some people have skin that is more sensitive than others, so this is an important first step for reducing the pain factor involved in tattoo removal. As the laser is being worked over your skin, the concentrated photon energy is being used to target ink molecules. As the light comes in contact with the ink molecules, the ink is broken up into smaller particles. From here the body’s own lymphatic response goes to work removing the debris as if it were normal waste. The fact that the ink does not all reside in a single plain makes it more difficult to get rid of the ink in your skin, but modern lasers still do a pretty decent job at targeting and obliterating the ink molecules. As a result of this process, the tattoo being removed continues to fade more and more with each laser tattoo removal treatment.

How Many Tattoo Removal Treatments Do I Need?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove a tattoo in a single treatment. As a rule, it takes 12 laser tattoo removal sessions on average to get rid of most tattoos. These sessions are separated by four to six weeks apart to allow your skin to heal up and be ready for the next session with the laser. If your tattoos are already partially faded, due to having them for a long time, this can significantly reduce the number of laser tattoo removal treatments you need. It also depends on upon the color and size of the tattoo, as well as other factors.

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