Target Unwanted Fat with Our Lipo Procedures in Chicago

woman's torso in swimsuit

While traditional liposuction is one of the most widely recognized cosmetic procedures in the world today, not everyone has heard of the other types of lipo procedures available in the Chicago area. There are incredible options out there that many may be able to use in place of regular liposuction or in conjunction with more traditional cosmetic methods.

Lipo is a great way to help you tone up your body, get rid of inches around your thighs, arms or midsection and even lose weight in some circumstances. While people should not rely on a liposuction procedure of any variety to help them lose weight, sometimes, the procedure can actually remove pounds of fat in some people. This can help you look younger, give you more confidence and get rid of those stubborn fatty deposits that have not budged despite your best fat-burning efforts.

Whereas traditional liposuction uses several small incisions to allow the practitioner to access your fatty deposits through a small cannula, our other lipo procedures use only a minimally-invasive process to target the fat in certain areas. These procedures are incredibly fast and easy. Most of our patients enjoy a quicker recovery than what you would expect with more invasive body contouring procedures.

Results are immediate because you will be able to see the area where the fat was removed. However, if you wait weeks or months, the results should get even better.

Our state-of-the-art lipo procedures bring with them many amazing benefits. Most importantly, they can get rid of irritating fat across your body that you have not been able to get rid of through diet or exercise alone.

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