Starting To Notice Some Unwanted Frown Lines? BOTOX Can Help


Are you tired of facial expressions that are taking up permanent residence on your face, especially those that make you look angry or upset? The forces of aging, which typically start in your face, are tough to tackle, but not impossible. BOTOX, arguably the grandfather of cosmetic injectables, has been helping people erase the effects of time for almost 20 years, with great success. In fact, BOTOX and its counterparts sit at the top of the list of nonsurgical procedures in the United States, with 1.5 million injections in 2017 alone.

Here at Lincoln Park Aesthetics, our goal is to offer the most effective anti-aging weapons available, from new laser treatments to the tried-and-true solutions like BOTOX. With our experienced team of cosmetic specialists and licensed estheticians, under the guidance of Dr. Karol Kutowski, we’re able to help our clients in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago put their best faces forward.

If you’re starting to notice frown lines, and other wrinkles around your eyes and forehead, here’s why it’s happening and how BOTOX can help.

The makings of a frown

There are several forces at play when it comes to aging skin. Let’s first start with the fact that every time you squint, frown, or raise your eyebrows in query, the muscles in your face contract to form the lines in your skin that surround your expression. If you consider how often in a day you make these facial expressions, you can see how well-worn paths begin to etch themselves in your skin.

When you were younger, these lines disappeared just as soon as you relaxed the muscles since your skin had ample tone and elasticity thanks to an abundance of collagen. Once you enter your 30s, 40s, and beyond, however, your collagen production begins to wane, leaving your skin less resilient than it once was.

Now throw in the effects of photoaging, largely exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which damages your skin cells, and your skin starts to age prematurely.

Fighting back against aging skin

BOTOX first burst on the scene in 2002 as an effective way to temporarily relax the muscles responsible for the lines around your eyes and brows. In recent years, it was also approved by the FDA to tackle those deep forehead lines, though that’s been an off-label use for some time now.

At the heart of BOTOX is a botulinum toxin, which is the mechanism that temporarily paralyzes your muscles, causing the surface of your skin to relax and smooth out.

In its earliest days, BOTOX may have been overused, giving people a more frozen look, but through much experience, the cosmetic world has learned how, and where, to use BOTOX. The result is that we’re able to give you a more natural, younger look that still allows you to make your facial expressions.

Our team of licensed estheticians understands the proper use of BOTOX and artfully helps you gain a more youthful appearance by tackling the deep furrow in your brow, as well as the lines around your eyes (your crow’s feet) and the deeper lines in your forehead. Through strategic placement of BOTOX, we’re able to make you look vibrant and happy by eliminating angry-looking lines.

Advantages of BOTOX

One of the biggest draws of BOTOX is that it successfully dials back the years on your face without resorting to surgery. In fact, administering the injections takes just minutes, and there’s no downtime afterward — you simply get on with your day, and your week, as the BOTOX goes to work. Most of our clients see results in two to seven days after their visit with us.

These results typically last up to four months, at which point you simply return for a follow-up treatment.

If you’d like to get started on turning that frown around with BOTOX, please give us a call, or use the online booking tool found on this website to set up an appointment.

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