Skin Care Products: What We Offer

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As human beings, our skin is vital to us as it performs various functions such as protecting all internal organs and keeping our body temperature constant. Therefore, taking care of your skin is paramount, and failure to do so may expose you to unwanted diseases. We have a range of skin care products that are created to give you healthy and smooth skin. Our skin care products contain all-natural ingredients that leave your skin glowing and provide you with protection all day long.



Our skin care products range from skin moisturizers, face masks, to body oils and creams. Our skin care products are infused with natural ingredients that do not cause any irritation to your skin. The blend of natural elements penetrate your pores and boosting your skin and living you with a younger fresher look

  1. Skin moisturizers

Our skin moisturizers are blended with active ingredients that replenish dry skin and smooth it out. This product is recommended for people who have dry, flaky skin and use a lot of makeup products. This is because it soothes repairs and protects irritated and itchy skin.

  1. Face masks.

Our face masks are made to work for your skin type. We have three types of face masks, and these are for dry, oily and normal skin types. This personalization was essential to us as we want to offer you a product that works for you. These masks are formulated to detoxify, soothe and rejuvenate your skin making it vibrant.

  1. Body oils and creams

Our body oils and lotions are formulated with active natural ingredients that penetrate your skin into the epidermis providing nutrients to your skin. Our body oils and products are suitable for all skin types and are not harsh or cruel to your skin. These products also get rid of acne on the face giving you even skin. They are infused with sunscreen to offer protection from sun rays.



Since our products are infused with natural active ingredients, they replenish, rejuvenate and soothe the skin. The elements used in the products are not harsh on your skin, and most are infused with sunscreen to protect you from UV radiation. We recommend you to purchase skin care products if you have conundrums with your skin such as itchiness, acne, and dryness.

At your consultation our educated professionals will discuss the product lines we offer, and they will develop a personalized treatment plan to address any specific concerns you may have. Contact Lincoln Park Aesthetics today to schedule your consultation! We are conveniently located in Chicago, IL.

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