Restore Lost Facial Volume with Bellafill

woman smiling and holding her face

We don’t need scientific studies to show that the way a person looks affects the way they feel about themselves. That being said, researchers have performed many studies that clearly show that the way a person looks and the way a person feels about the way they look has a powerful impact on how they feel about themselves. If a person likes their appearance, they are confident. As a result of this confidence, they have more success in life. Conversely, if a person hates the way they look, they lack confidence; they mentally expect themselves to fail, and so at the end of the day, they fail.

One of the things that can negatively impact a person’s view of themselves is the development of wrinkles. Some of the areas where static wrinkles develop are along the side of the mouth. The deep folds known as nasolabial folds, or smile lines, that develop around the side of the mouth can drastically age a person. Thankfully, there are non-invasive steps that a person can take in order to reverse this aspect of the aging process. One of them is using the dermal filler called Bellafill®.

Dermal fillers are effective because they add volume to areas that have lost volume over the years. When a person loses the volume in their face, wrinkles develop. However, the Bellafill® filler is designed to provide facial rejuvenation. It does this in two stages.

The first stage produces almost immediate results. As the collagen is injected into the affected areas, volume is seen immediately. Wrinkles become smooth. The second stage happens over a longer period of time. The microspheres that are in the dermal filler are designed to help your skin produce collagen on its own. They serve as a structure that your skin’s tissue can use to create younger-looking skin over the years.

Bellafill® is unique because it is one of the few products that has received FDA approval for the correction of wrinkles, especially those that appear around the mouth. Patients who use Bellafill® will first need to have a skin test performed. The skin test will determine if they are allergic either to the lidocaine or to the collagen that is in the treatment.

One of the nice things about Bellafill® is that it received approval from the FDA more than a decade ago. As a result, there are patients who have used the treatment for many years and have had no negative results. Before the treatment was even brought to the market, it was tested for five years. This is unquestionably the longest dermal filler study that has been conducted. The result of the study was conclusive; Bellafill® is effective and safe.

A survey was done of people who used Bellafill®. A whopping 91 percent of them were happy enough with the results that they said they would recommend it to someone else in the same condition. Five years later, these patients were still satisfied with the treatment they received.

If you aren’t satisfied with your appearance, visit Lincoln Park Aesthetics in Chicago to see if you are a candidate for Bellafill® injections. This simple treatment may be all that you need to look and feel your best. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more.

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