Rejuvenate Your Skin For Spring With Juvéderm®

Aging may be inevitable, but the effects on your skin don’t have to be. Several changes to the layers of your skin conspire to create lines and wrinkles while, overall, you lose volume that contributes to a fresh, youthful appearance. Similarly, counteracting these effects takes a range of corrective approaches.

In the past, many people waited until the combined effects of aging justified face-lift surgery. Today, though, you can address these effects as they occur, maintaining a natural, young look for a longer period without the expense and recovery time of surgery.

How skin ages

Central to deteriorating conditions in your skin is the loss of tissue in the dermis, or middle layer of your skin. Collagen and elastin are the prime culprits, conspiring to rob your skin of moisture and volume as their levels fall. This causes skin laxity, a loss of elasticity and moisture, the “bounce back” effect that younger skin has.

As collagen is lost, it sometimes leaves voids in subsurface layers, allowing your skin’s epidermis to sink into these voids, creating passive lines and wrinkles that increase along with dermal tissue loss.

The role of Juvéderm® fillers

A component of the dermis is a substance called hyaluronic acid. It attracts and stores moisture to nourish your skin, counteracting some of the effects of aging. It turns out that hyaluronic acid is an ideal medium for formulation into dermal filler gels. Enter Juvéderm®, the leading doctor-recommended product line.

Carefully injected into problem spots on your skin with a fine needle, Juvéderm’s® hyaluronic acid-based fillers essentially close those voids. Your epidermis is naturally boosted and evened out, and the presence of hyaluronic acid attracts and holds new moisture, restoring optimal nourishing conditions for your skin.

Natural, long-lasting results

If the idea of facial injections gives you second thoughts, don’t worry. First, the tiny needles produce minimal bleeding that typically stops virtually immediately, and Juvéderm’s® products also include lidocaine, a common and safe local anesthetic. You can have a Juvéderm® treatment over your lunch break and return to your daily routine. It’s that simple.

Juvéderm® isn’t a single product, but rather a range of formulas, each with a different aesthetic purpose. Some fillers are designed to stay close to the injection site, while others blend naturally with surrounding tissue. Matched to your specific needs, this range of products permits a customized filler treatment to return your face to a naturally younger condition.

Depending on the treatment you’re receiving, results from your Juvéderm® procedure can last as long as 24 months. That’s two full years of improvement from a single session.

Juvéderm®: safe and effective

Hyaluronic acid is perhaps the most common dermal filler base in use today. There’s plenty of clinical study behind the popular acceptance of use of these fillers. In fact, injectable treatments are the most common cosmetic procedures done in the United States today. There’s very little risk of side effects when using Juvéderm® products.

The best results come from the best practitioners, and that’s why choosing a medically supervised spa like Lincoln Park Aesthetics is the ideal way to achieve your desired goals.

Dr. Gutowski and his team are experts in the use of Juvéderm® products, and they can match the perfect formulation to your needs. Call or click the office today to arrange your personal consultation.

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