Receive a Custom Facial with Our Licensed Estheticians

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Your skin is uniquely your own. Nobody else has the exact makeup of your complexion. This is why so many beauty and skin care products that promise to suit a particular skin type often fall short of a perfect match for many. This can be quite frustrating, and many people waste a lot of cash purchasing various products for their skin care and beauty needs. Some skin conditions like exceptionally dry skin, oily complexions prone to acne breakouts, combination and other common skin issues can be treated just by using the right skin care and/or beauty products and taking better care of your skin. To pinpoint your exact skin care requirements, take some time to experience a luxurious custom facial with one of our talented estheticians.


Our Estheticians

Our highly-trained and licensed estheticians have plenty of experience in skin care evaluations and choosing the right personalized facials for every client. These talented skin experts are fantastic in matching the exact custom facial additions to reveal better looking and healthier skin that their clients will simply love. These friendly estheticians know how to professionally assess and evaluate each important client’s skin to create a truly individualized skin care plan of action.


Are There Facials for Combination Skin Types?

Yes, there are outstanding facial options that can be fully customized to ensure that each area on your face gets the exact cleansing, moisturizing and toning ingredients to leave your skin feeling pampered, deeply cleansed and soft to-the-touch. Our exceptionally skilled licensed estheticians here at Lincoln Park Aesthetics can apply effective facial ingredients to remedy oily areas and provide the correct nourishing moisturizer to any drier regions.


What Are Some of the Most Popular Custom Facials Available?

Along with proven custom facial choices for aging skin, teen skin challenges like acne can be addressed also. There are many popular facials designed for dry and/or dull skin that is common during the colder winter months. Some individuals that spend a lot of time outdoors in extreme weather or other environmental conditions often develop skin issues that can be effectively treated with one of our top custom facials.

For more information about our custom facials, reach out to Lincoln Park Aesthetics and make an appointment with us! At our office in Chicago, a team of devoted professionals will be glad to help you select the skin care treatment that’s right for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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