Minimize the Appearance of Facial Wrinkles with RevLite Laser Skin Resurfacing

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With RevLite laser skin resurfacing, minimizing the appearance of facial wrinkles is much easier than you might think. It’s one of the safest treatment options available and rejuvenates the skin.

Many celebrities have benefitted from RevLite laser skin resurfacing, and it continues to gain popularity. As a non-invasive treatment option, RevLite uses light energy to stimulate the growth of collagen. It can remove irregular pigmentation, improve pores and reduce wrinkles.

What Is RevLite?

You can think of collagen as the support network for your skin, and RevLite helps to stimulate the natural growth of collagen. Over time, the aging process causes collagen to break down, and you end up with lines and wrinkles.

RevLite laser skin resurfacing uses a gentle laser to stimulate collagen production. By stimulating new collagen growth, the RevLite procedure is able to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Like the natural aging process, sun exposure can cause several unsightly skin conditions. RevLite laser skin resurfacing can correct many of these issues and leave you with smoother, refreshed skin. Since the procedure doesn’t damage the outer layers of your skin, it doesn’t require lengthy downtime.

How RevLite Works

If you’re considering this procedure, you should understand how it works. When compared with traditional laser skin resurfacing, RevLite is different because it doesn’t remove your outer layers of skin.

Instead, it passes light through your upper layer of skin with a gentle laser. As the light energy penetrates your skin, it stimulates the growth of new collagen, which helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

For several months after the treatment, new collagen will continue to form, and it will start to fill in unsightly wrinkles. The laser light is also capable of breaking apart age spots and pigmentation.

Are You A Good Candidate For RevLite?

One of the major benefits of RevLite laser skin resurfacing is that it doesn’t remove your skin like chemical peels or microneedling do. The procedure doesn’t take much time and allows you to immediately return to your daily activities.

The risk of complications is low, and the level of discomfort is minimal. If you’d like to reduce the oiliness of your skin and shrink pores, then you’re a candidate for RevLite. The procedure is especially effective for minimizing wrinkles, reducing the visibility of acne scars and improving facial laxity.

Some common treatment areas are the chest, neck, hands and face. RevLite laser skin resurfacing is one of the safest treatment options available and carries very little risk.

The RevLite Procedure

Before the procedure begins, your skin must be thoroughly cleansed, and you’ll given a pair of protective goggles to wear.

If you’re extra sensitive, a topical anesthetic can be applied to the treatment area. Once the treatment begins, an invisible laser is used to heat up the skin on your face. The energy from the laser heats the deep layers of your dermis and stimulates new collagen growth.

Lincoln Park Park Aesthetics has been helping the greater Chicago area obtain its beauty goals through high-tech and proven techniques like RevLite. To hear how RevLite can help you reach your beauty goals, call Lincoln Park Aesthetics and set up a consultation today!

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