Frustrated with an Unwanted Tattoo? Consider Removal with RevLite

frustrated woman with tattoos

It may have seemed like a good idea at the time or you just didn’t give it much thought, but 50 percent of people with tattoos wish they could remove them. There are many reasons people want their tattoos removed and the most common is they simply don’t like it anymore. Other reasons include tattoos that are not accepted by the military, tattoos that mark a relationship or occasion you would rather forget and tattoos that get in the way of getting your dream job. With RevLite laser technology, you can get rid of your tattoo without harming the surrounding or underlying skin.

The RevLite laser works by sending short pulses of intense laser light to the ink. The pigment absorbs the light as heat and breaks into infinitesimal particles that are absorbed by your body and eliminated. The laser is designed to affect the pigment in the ink and not skin. This is why it is such a great treatment for tattoo removal.

When you talk to our specialist, you can learn about your skin tone as well as the colors of ink that are best treated to know the type of treatment you need. There are normally no serious side effects after a treatment with the RevLite system.

During the treatment, you and the technician will wear eye protection. Our technician will clean the tattoo and apply a local anesthetic. The laser is used in a specific and controlled way. When the treatment is completed, cold compresses may be applied to your skin to help reduce discomfort, depending on the situation. The length of time required for each treatment depends on the color of the ink, the depth in the skin of the tattoo and its size, among other factors.

After the treatment, our specialist will give instructions for caring for the treated area. This may include antibacterial ointment. The treated area should also be kept clean.

There is no need to suffer from tattoo regret any longer. You may have avoided the idea of removing your unwanted tattoo because the process would be highly uncomfortable and leave a horrible scar. With RevLite tattoo removal at Lincoln Park Aesthetics, there is a very good chance you can have clear skin again. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Chicago!

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