Finding the Ideal Plastic Surgeon in Chicago

woman touching her face

Deciding whether or not to have a cosmetic procedure is a very personal decision. It is not a decision that other people can make for you. It is never a decision that you should make because you want to impress someone else. When you decide that now is the time to have a cosmetic procedure, it’s because there is something about your face or body that you don’t like, and you want to make the change for yourself. But how do you find a talented and qualified plastic surgeon in Chicago to perform your procedure?

First, check for board certification. When it comes to board certification, there are a few things that you have to understand. A doctor can be board-certified in a wide range of specialties. So, you might visit a surgeon who says that they are board-certified. However, they may be board-certified in cardiology. That has nothing to do with their ability to successfully perform a cosmetic procedure on you. You want to make sure that the board certification that the plastic surgeon you’re going to use has is in plastic surgery.

You should be happy to know that Dr. Gutowski at Lincoln Park Aesthetics is a board-certified aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, making him the go-to surgeon for men and women seeking plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Understandably, you are likely to be leery of a plastic surgeon who seems like they’re just trying to upsell you. For example, if a surgeon is trying to get you to have multiple procedures performed at the same time, they might not be looking out for your best interest. This does not mean that there are not circumstances where having multiple procedures done at the same time is not beneficial. However, if a surgeon is pushy and tries to encourage you to have procedures that you did not come in for, it might be a good time for you to turn around and find someone else. Dr. Gutowski is never pushy with his patients. Of course, he makes sure to offer his medical recommendations, but he will never push a procedure on a patient.

If you have been looking for a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon in the Chicago area, look no further than Dr. Gutowski at Lincoln Park Aesthetics in Chicago. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Gutowski and see why he is a renowned surgeon in the area!

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