Eliminate Your Regretful Ink with Laser Tattoo Removal

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There are a lot of reasons why people get tattoos. Some do it to identify themselves with a particular organization or group. Others get tattoos as a way of expressing their sense of identity, showing their affection for someone or recalling an important date or turning point in their lives.

Most people get tattoos because they want a permanent mark on their body to remind them of something. Unfortunately, as time goes on, the person, event or group that the tattoo embodies may start to mean something different to the person who got the tattoo, or it may lose its importance altogether. For example, if an individual gets the name of a girlfriend or a spouse tattooed on their body and then years later the relationship falls apart, the tattoo goes from being a reminder of something good to a reminder of something disastrous.

Tattoos were once considered to be permanent and irreversible. Thankfully, laser tattoo removal has changed all of that. Thanks to laser technology, tattoos can be removed or at least faded to the point where they are barely visible.

Laser tattoo removal is designed to attack the pigment in a tattoo. It breaks it down to the point where the body can absorb it and remove it. Laser tattoo removal is not just a one-time deal. It takes multiple visits to our office to have a tattoo removed. And usually these visits need to be spaced between four to six weeks apart.

It is also good to note that the effectiveness of lasers and removing tattoos is dependent on many factors, including the color of a person’s skin and the color of the tattoo. Patients with light skin and a dark tattoo usually have the best chance of having their tattoo completely removed. However, results vary from patient to patient.

Additionally, professional tattoos that are made using some of the more modern inks can be a challenge to remove. That being said, professional tattoos are often easier to remove because the artist who applied the tattoo likely did so using an even hand, applying the ink all at the same level. Homemade tattoos often have uneven ink levels and can be more difficult to remove.

If you got a tattoo in the past that you now regret, it is good to know that laser tattoo removal can help you undo that mistake, making your permanent tattoo not so permanent after all. When you talk to our specialist at Lincoln Park Aesthetics in Chicago, you can get all the facts about how laser tattoo removal can help you eliminate your regretful ink. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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