Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

doctor holding hand of a patient

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery is a decision that should never be taken lightly. You are about to make a permanent change to your body. Whether you want to enhance your bust or your buttocks, or you think it’s time for a facelift, you need to put time and thought into having your procedure. A plastic surgeon will be your guide, helping you through the decision-making process and beyond. You want to find the right plastic surgeon to take this major step with you in order to get the look that you want. Look no further than our board-certified aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon at Lincoln Park Aesthetics.

Place Yourself in the Best of Hands

You need to be sure that your plastic surgeon has a solid reputation for excellence. Don’t be afraid to inquire about a surgeon’s track record. Ask about credentials and years in practice. It is important to be selective as you narrow down your list from a broad selection of doctors in the Chicago area. Dr. Gutowski is a renowned surgeon in the area, providing men and women with high-quality cosmetic procedures performed with both skill and artistry.

Find a Surgeon Who Specializes in Your Procedure

As you consider the plastic surgeons in your locale, find out who offers the type of procedures that you want. You will discover that some doctors like to focus on a particular type of surgery. Choose someone who has had a great deal of experience with the procedure that you want. You may be happy to learn that our doctor at Lincoln Park Aesthetics has developed innovative approaches in his procedures that stand out in a crowd of doctors.

Atmosphere Matters

The moment you walk into a plastic surgeon’s facility, you should be put at ease. When you visit our office, you are greeted by a welcoming atmosphere as you are welcomed by friendly staff members. Most importantly of all, our experienced plastic surgeon will make you feel comfortable. During your consultation, you should feel free to ask whatever questions or concerns you may have.

Come in for a Consultation Visit

If you are looking for a qualified, talented, nationally recognized plastic surgeon in your area, make an appointment with Dr. Gutowski at Lincoln Park Aesthetics. Our plastic surgeon will make sure to gain a firm understanding of your goals for your body and the right approach to make those results happen. Our board-certified plastic surgeon will be your partner. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Chicago!

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