Are You a Good Candidate for a Dysport Treatment?

woman smiling

Nobody likes the look of wrinkles. We’re all familiar with those wrinkle treatments which make it hard to tell if a smile is really genuine. Nothing is worth losing that glow when you’re smiling with every part of your face. You don’t have to. Dysport® targets wrinkles without arresting natural facial movements.

Why Try Dysport®?

So, what causes wrinkles to form in the first place? When something is funny, you laugh. The muscles in your cheeks and eyebrows contract involuntarily to show expressions. This is a good thing because it allows us to connect with others by showing what we’re feeling. The problem is these muscle contractions are also responsible for wrinkles.  When this happens, we can start to feel self-conscious about smiling. You can smooth them with your fingertips, but the lines don’t go away. Nobody should worry that a smile is taking away their youthful appearance.

Frown Lines Fade Fast

Dysport® works quickly so that you can see results and get relief from frown lines. Each session only lasts for minutes, which means it’s easy to fit in between other errands and activities. You can get back to your day without having to worry that the injections will show. The only thing you’ll eventually notice is that the lines have stopped appearing.

One Little Wrinkle

It’s no secret that wrinkles appear with age, but even younger women can discover frown-lines forming without warning. That’s why Dysport® is for women younger than 65 who are looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in certain areas. If you’re noticing crow’s feet forming, and you haven’t had facial surgery, you may be a good candidate for Dysport®.

Look and Feel Refreshed

Lose your worry lines, and lose your worries. Dysport® is FDA-approved, which means clinical trials have shown that it’s safe and effective. That refreshed, ready-for-anything look that you’ve been missing from your face is easier to rediscover than you might have thought. Make an appointment at Lincoln Park Aesthetics in Chicago, IL to learn more. Contact us today for a consultation!

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