Addressing Your Unique Skin Care Needs with a Custom Facial

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Many individuals are dealing with a complexion that they are unhappy with. They may have a severe skin issue, or they may just have a dull skin tone. One of the best ways that you can address specific skin issues as well as give yourself a pick-me-up is by booking a custom facial at our office. Our team of professionals will be able to design a facial that is perfectly suited for your particular needs.

As is implied by the name, a custom facial is going to precisely fit what it is about your skin that you do not like. So, we can use a variety of techniques and treatments in order to help you deal with acne flare-ups, premature aging, as well as environmental damage. Really, any type of skin issue that you are experiencing can be addressed by one of our custom facials. Once we get the particular issue under control, you can schedule regular facials in order to maintain a beautiful complexion.

Even though we design a unique facial for each one of our clients, there are a couple of things that are usually included in each facial. It is usually going to include deep cleansing. This is going to help us to clean your skin and allow us to closely examine the condition of it. It may also include extracting blackheads from your skin. This is done very gently. Exfoliation may also be included in order to get rid of the top layer or so of skin as well as dead skin cells. The idea is to get rid of dry and dead skin and reveal the healthier layers underneath.

No two custom facials are exactly alike. However, most all of them help you to relax. They can also get the blood circulating in your face and neck. We want the treated area to get as much blood circulation as possible in order to encourage your skin to heal itself.

When you come in for a custom facial, one of our professionals is going to do a consultation with you. This consultation is going to be used in order to help the professional who does your custom facial understand what exact needs you have. They are also going to determine the type of skin you have. For example, they want to find out if it is dry, oily or sensitive. Our professionals are able to make this determination by examining your skin closely. Then we will be able to draw up a custom facial that will help you deal with your particular skin issue.

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